St. Mark Parish School JOY Award. The JOY Award is given to a student in each grade who lives what it means to be a Christian. Specifically, this person acts in a Christlike way, which shows that JOY (Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last.) is a way of living with others. The JOY award is awarded at the end of the year.

The students in each class help determine the student selection by nominating candidates for the JOY Award. Each nomination should include three good reasons for the recommendation. The classroom teacher determines the final selection.

Some examples are:

  • Loving and encouraging people instead of putting them down.
  • Reaching out to ask "what’s wrong" if someone is sad.
  • Sharing toys, food and talents with other persons.
  • Being polite to parents, siblings and classmates.
  • Making sure that all classmates are included in activities.

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