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Principal-KeckDear Prospective St. Mark Student and Family,

Welcome to St. Mark Parish School! We are pleased that you are considering a St. Mark Parish School education. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can discover why our school may be the right place for you and your family.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you during the application process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our school office at (206) 364-1633.


Kathryn Palmquist-Keck
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Families have two options for tuition for their children at St. Mark Parish School: the St. Mark Family Plan and the Full Cost Tuition Plan.

 What is the Full Cost Tuition Plan?

If the St. Mark Family Plan is not right for you, then you can choose to enroll your children using the Full Cost Tuition Plan. 

One Student Two Students Three Students
$7,500 $12,000 $16,500


To participate in this plan, please fill out the Full Cost Tuition Contract and return it to the school office.

To learn more about the St. Mark Family Plan, click here.

Additional Requirements for Both Tuition Plans

As part of the Tuition Agreement for BOTH plans, parent(s) and/or guardian(s) must agree to the following items:

  • Adherence to polices in the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Participation in the required school curriculum.
  • Participation in Annual Fund by filling out a pledge form and making a commitment.
  • $100 a month in SCRIP to help the plant improvement fund.
  • 40 hours of volunteer service to the school (20 for single parents).
  • Donate or procure a minimum of $250 for the Auction.

If a family is unable to meet their obligations as defined in this contract, it is the family's responsibility to inform the Principal or Pastor. Every effort will be made to reach a mutually satisfactory solution to a demonstrated hardship and to assist the family through such financial difficulties with complete confidentiality. All such information will remain confidential.


Come see for yourself...

We invite you to contact us for more information and to schedule a visit to see how St. Mark Parish School can help provide you with an excellent Catholic education for your child.



We are committed to annually administering standardized testing for selected grade levels. Information concerning this testing will be communicated prior to test administration. The classroom teacher or a parent may request testing for individual students who are experiencing difficulty with school work. This testing will be coordinated together with the parent, child and St. Mark Parish School, or by appropriate personnel in the public school district in which a student resides.

Below are the results of our recent standardized tests.

Fall 2015
IOWA Test of Basic Skills

Grade in 2015 ELA Total Math Total Core Composite
Social Studies Science  Complete Composite
 3rd Grade 61 56 57 66 67 62
Grade Equivalent
3.5 3.3 3.3 3.8 3.8 3.5
 4th Grade 83 54 70 70 68 69
Grade Equivalent
5.9 4.3 4.9 5.1 5.1 5
 5th Grade 83 76 78 76 70 75
Grade Equivalent
7.2 6.4 6.7 6.9 6.5 6.7
 6th Grade 83 76 78 69 72 74
Grade Equivalent
8.7 7.9 8.1 7.7 8 8
 7th Grade 63 75 67 68 64 67
Grade Equivalent
8.1 9.1 8.5 9 8.3 8.6
8th Grade
90 81 84 86 75 83
Grade Equivalent
13+ 11.7 13+ 13+ 11.8 13+

What can be learned from the ITBS?                     

  1. How students perform compared to a national representative sample.
  2. How students' performance has changed over time.
  3. Relative strengths and weaknesses among curriculum areas tested.
  4. Which students should be considered for special programs.

How to interpret scores?  Let's cite an example:  If a class has an NPR (national percentile rank) of 84 in reading, it indicates the class ranked higher than 84 percent of the national sampling in reading, or in the top 16%.



St. Mark Parish Preschool is an education ministry of St. Mark Parish, serving its parishioners and community.


  • To provide a loving, Catholic/Christian environment where the children will know that THEY ARE SPECIAL!
  • To help each child grow socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • To provide a variety of experiences in religion, art, science, kindergarten readiness, stories, cooking and much more!
  • To be the bridge between the children’s home environment and future schooling.
  • To provide a learning environment which fosters sharing, working independently, working in a group, following directions, and developing listening skills.  The teacher uses different teaching approaches including the Montessori philosophy.  
Ages:   Children turning 3 prior to August 31, 2018
Days/Times:   Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
8:50am to 11:30am
Tuition   $1,863 ($207 monthly) per child (payable September - May)
Registration Packet:   Click here 
Ages:   Children turning 4 prior to August 31, 2018
Days/Times:   This is a Pre-Kindergarten program.
Monday through Thursday
12:15pm to 3:10pm
Tuition   $2,790 ($310 monthly) per child (payable September - May)
Registration Packet:   Click here


We welcome visits to our school.  Please contact the school office or complete our Visit Us Form to schedule an appointment for a classroom observation.

St. Mark Parish Preschool
(206) 363-7100

St. Mark Parish School
(206) 364-1633