What is the volunteer hour requirement at St. Mark School?
The Faithful Steward Plan requires that each family give of their time during the year.  It is suggested that two-parent families give 40 hours and single-parent families give 20 hours per year. See the Calendar for events and ways to volunteer your time and talent.

How are volunteer hours tracked?
In the family folder (which comes home every week with the youngest child in your family) there is a sheet of paper stapled inside for you to note your time and activity. Time in the classroom, on recess duty, at Parents' Club meetings or driving on field trips all count toward volunteer hours. Write down all the hours you give during the school year.  

Where does the money that is raised ultimately go?
The Parents' Club hosts a number of community events during the year to show appreciation to our parents, staff, volunteers and students, so a portion of funds goes to cover these events. Some events specifically cover costs for things like sports programs and other specialty items. All money raised stays and benefits St. Mark Parish School.

How do fundraisers get decided upon?
Several fundraising opportunities are reviewed by the Officers each year and a determination is made of which ones to support. If there are several of the same type, the Officers may put it up to a vote at a public meeting. If you have a fundraising idea, or would like to help, please contact the Parents' Club Officers.

Have a question?
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