Standard Archdiocesan Field Trip Forms, in accordance with the Archdiocesan insurance policy requirements, will be used at St. Mark Parish School.  Students who fail to submit this form will not be allowed to participate in the field trip.  Telephone calls cannot be accepted in lieu of proper forms.  Carpool drivers must complete an insurance form showing sufficient coverage and a criminal background check.  The requirements for driving are $100,000./$300,00.00 on your insurance.  

Current car seat/seatbelt laws must be adhered to on all field trips.  Parent volunteers are asked to help supervise the students and assist the teacher as needed.  For insurance purposes, drivers are asked only to provide transportation to and from the destination, with no additional stops along the way.  

Field trips are privileges afforded to students; no student has an absolute right to a field trip.  Students may be denied participation if they fail to meet academic or behavioral requirements.  Parents also have the right to refuse to allow their child to participate in a field trip.