8th Grade- You all have been assigned your parts for the Christmas play. There is no trading of parts. Have your lines memorized for Monday, November 13, 2017.

Religion 11/7 - Both 7th and 8th have a talent, gift, or positive affirmation for each student in your class. Please put some thought and effort into this project. You are to come to class prepared with this information on Monday, 11/13.

LA Boys - 11/7 - Socratic Seminar will be on Wednesday, 11/15. Prepare your notes based on the questions from the handout given to you yesterday.

 Religion - 11/3 - 8th Grade - In one paragraph of five to seven sentences, pick a role in the Christmas play that you would like and the reason you want to play that role. Also, have a second choice as a back-up. This is to be typed and will be collected in history class on Monday, November 6, 2017.

 WTP - 11/2/17 - WTP Unit 2 Test will be on Monday, November 13, 2017. Corrections will be on 11/14/17. Be prepared.

LA Boys - 10/30 - Literature - "Robots Get a Feel..." pp. 166-169, Q's #1-4 on page 170. Write out question, answer using a complete sentence(s), and write down page number where you found the evidence. "The Measure of a Man" pp. 172-179, Q's #1-4 on page 180. Follow the same format. To be completed on looseleaf paper. Due 10/31.

Religion - 10/18 - There will be a test next week on material from your notebook and your textbook. Be prepared.

LA Boys - 10/17 - Read the second of the two stories and complete the questions in your notebook. Vocabulary assignment is due on 10/20.

WTP - 10/17 - Read Lesson 8 and complete the key terms on your flashcards. Reinforce all materials.

Religion - 10/9 - October Virtue assignment is due on 10/16.

LA Boys - 10/9 - Vocabulary assignment will be due on Friday, 10/13.

WTP - 10/9 - Read Lesson 6 and complete key terms on index cards. Due 10/10

WTP - 9/19 - Complete the key terms for L3 and reinforce all materials from L1-L3.

LA Boys - 9/19 - Work on your vocabulary and literature assignments. Spelling Test/Vocabulary Quiz will be on 9/22. Vocabulary and sentences are also due on 9/22.