4th &  5th Grade Homework

Week of October 16th - 20th

Monday, October 16th

 Book Reports due today!  Speech book choice due today!

SPELLING (4th & 5th grade) - Unit 6 (review), page 23. Unit 5 test returned.

 MATH (5th grade) Worksheet pages 129-130: Interpreting remainders. 

MATH (4TH grade) 

 SCIENCE - Chapter 1 Study guide worksheet.  Chapter 1 test tomorrow.  STUDY!

Tuesday, October 17th

Information about camp for 5th grade sent home today.  Please read carefully!

MATH - (5th Grade) Worksheet pages 135-136: Adjusting quotients. 

MATH - (4th Grade) Worksheet pages 123-124.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Worksheet page 38: Columbian Exchange. 

 READING - Continue reading S.O.R. Losers story pages 69-74.  Describe Ed in note format.

 Band tomorrow at 9am.  Don't forget to bring your instrument and music. 

 Wednesday, October 18th

MATH  (5th Grade) - Worksheet pages 141-142: Using diagrams with division problems.

MATH  (4th Grade) - Worksheet pages 127-128: 1 digit multiplication.

 LANGUAGE ARTS - Complete worksheet on Simple, Compound, & Complex sentences.

 SCIENCE - Science Test returned.  Make corrections on lined paper on any question that was incorrect.

 SPEECH -  Introduction to speech due on Friday.  Make sure to include the title & author of book.

 Thursday, October 19th

 MATH - (5th Grade) -  Chapter review pages 143-145.

MATH - (4th Grade) -   Worksheet pages

 SPELLING-  Unit 6, Review Test tomorrow.

 SPEECH  -  Introduction due tomorrow.  Make sure to have 2 copies: one for home & one for school.

 READING - Comprehension worksheet on S.O.R. Losers.

Friday,  October 13th       

 Interpretive Reading (5th grade) or Story book (4th grade) for speech due on Monday.  Time limit is 8 minutes including introduction.