4th &  5th Grade Homework

Week of December 11th - December 15th

Monday, December 11th          2ndWeek of Advent

St. Vincent dePaul Food Drive taking place.  4th & 5th grade have been asked to donate pasta & pasta sauce products.

Virtues in Faith Project for December due on Thursday.

 SPELLING - Unit 12, page 49 (review unit).

 MATH (5th grade) Review worksheet page 68 (using decimals).

MATH (4TH grade)  Worksheet pages 331-332.

 READING (Mrs. Keck's class) - Read pages 363-365.

Reading - Comprehension worksheet on How Native Americans Watched the Skies, pages 35-36.

Tuesday, December 12th

MATH - (5th Grade)  Worksheets pages

MATH - (4th Grade) Worksheet pages

 READING  - Worksheet

 READING (Mrs. Keck's class) - Read


 Band tomorrow.  Don't forget to bring your instrument & music book.

 Wednesday, Decenber 13th                   (NO Homework)

 Christmas Program this evening.  Students should arrive by 6:45pm

MATH (5th grade) -  

MATH (4th grade) -

 READING (Mrs. Keck's class)-



 Thursday, December 14th

 MATH - (4th Grade) -  



 MATH  (5th grade) -

READING (Mrs. Keck's Class) -

Friday,  December 15th

 School dismissed at Noon!      Merry Christmas!!!