4th &  5th Grade Homework

Week of March 12th - 16th

 Speeches will be given in the classroom this Wednesday, 3/14.  Make sure you are practicing each day and remember introductions & closings must be memorized.

Monday, March 12th

 Report Cards & MAP testing results sent home today!

MATH (5th grade) - Chapter 7 Tests returned today. Worksheet pages 495-496: Dividing whole numbers by a fraction.

MATH (4th grade) - Worksheet pages 427-428.

 READING (Mrs. Lersch's class) - Finish illustration of SOC vocabulary word.  Make a list of 5 negative characteristics of Gordy & 5 positive characteristics of Gordy.

READING (Mrs. Keck's class) - Read Chapter 6 of Skylark.

 SOCIAL STUDES - Worksheet page 116: Winning the Revolution.


Tuesday, March 13th

MATH - (5th Grade) Worksheets pages 501-502: Using diagrams for division of fractions.

MATH - (4th Grade) Finish notes from today's lesson.

 READING - (Mrs.Lersch's class) -

 READING - (Mrs. Keck's class) - Finish answering questions from Chapter 7 of Skylark.

SPEECH - Spend extra time practicing your speech tonight.  Have form signed.  5th graders make sure to practice with your visual aids.  Continue working on expression and eye contact. 

  NO Band tomorrow. 

 Wednesday, March 14th                 Sacrament of Reconciliation today!

 LANGUAGE ARTS - Read Leprechaun poem and answer questions.

MATH (5th grade) -   Worksheet page

MATH (4th grade) -   

 SPELLING - Unit 21, page 90: Vocabulary.  Test tomorrow. 

  READING (Mrs. Lersch class) - 

 ThursdayMarch 15th

  ****3rd Trimester Reading Log sent home today!  Remember:  As a class we are working on spending more of our free time choosing books that interest us and READING!!!  


MATH - (4th Grade) - Worksheets pages

 MATH - (5th Grade) - Worksheet pages

READING (Mrs. Keck) -

READING (Mrs. Lersch) -

Friday, March 16th

 NO SCHOOL  - Teacher Inservice Day!