October 13, 2017

Dear Parents,

Homework packets are due on Friday, October 20th this week.  Last week I had every student turn in their homework on time!  This week, students will need to read (10 minutes) for four days.  Your child can read on the weekend, in order to get ahead, if you would like.  Students are asked to make connections, visualize and/or predict while reading.  In addition to the reading, there will be a few “math reteach” pages (2.9-2.12), Drops in the Bucket (B7), and the Gospel message.  There will not be an ABC order worksheet (or spelling test) this week, as lesson 6 in spelling is a review of spelling concepts. 

Candy gram sales started this week.  Students can purchase candy grams for other students and staff at St. Mark.  Students will receive a piece of paper to fill out.  On Halloween, the recipient of that candy gram will receive both the note and a piece of candy.  Prices are 25 cents for one or $1.00 for five candy grams. 

The class is well on their way to counting to 1000!  Each child is creating a number scroll writing numbers from 1-1000. This is a standard expected of students in 2nd grade.  They are working on the SLE “Meets or exceeds the standard of the curriculum”.  Students are always welcome to write numbers beyond 1000. Some students have decided to work primarily on the extra math practice packets instead of always working on the number scroll.  This is from the math Drops in the Bucket program.  It includes many different grade level expectations as well. This is another way to keep the students thinking about math! J  

It was 100 years ago today that Our Lady of Fatima made the sun dance for St. Jacinta, St. Lucia and St. Francisco.  We talked about Fatima, watched a movie called, “The Day the Sun Danced”, and learned about the rosary this week. 

Just a reminder that we have a St. Mark fundraiser on Monday, October 16th at Shoreline/Ballinger Dominos Pizza.  You can purchase pizza between 4:30 – 7:30 pm.  A flyer went home yesterday with more information.

We have had recess issues take up quite a bit of classroom time this past week.  I had to take away tag and chase for the week, due to how rough the game became.  Several tag games turned into wrestling or punching. Please help reiterate the importance of safe play with your child and hopefully together we can curb the recess issues.  Thank you!

        In our First Reconciliation class we have been talking about many wonderful things about our faith.  We talked about the gifts that God has given us…with the greatest one being life!  We have discussed Jesus’ birth, life and death. With the difficulty of hearing that Jesus died on the cross for us, the students were able to think about how that sacrifice opened the gates of Heaven for us all!  The students have so many amazing questions about our faith.  I truly enjoy this part of the week. 

        We will have a small Halloween party on Tuesday, October 31st.  If you would like to donate some treats, please let me know.  We will watch a cartoon and I may read a fun story too.  J  Thank you!

        I wanted to thank all the 2nd grade parents who have volunteered at lunch/recess.  It has been such a blessing having your help.  J

Upcoming events:

·        Monday, October 16:  Dominos Pizza fundraiser

·        Friday, October 20: Substitute teacher

·        Tuesday, October 24:  Picture retake day

·        Thursday, October 26:  Virtues in Faith are due

·        Friday, October 27:  Our Halloween carnival @ 6:30 PM     

God bless you!


Liz McAllister       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.